About Us

Time and tide waits for none, so does the world. While the world is getting deeper into technological age, it is hard to cope up with the technology required to get a good job or run a business successfully.

I was confused on what career path to choose to keep up with the techological age and started exploring different fields. Doing so, I came across others facing the same issue. Keeping this in mind, we started out to grow and help those individuals who wants to get into the IT industry and companies who want to stay in the digital game but focusing mainly on their business.

Thus started codepiep to help individuals get relevant in IT industry and business to have online presence without hindering their business

Our Services

Brand Design

We will help you craft your brand identity on the internet. Starting from visual identity like logo, color etc to your digital identity such as your social media, website etc.

Digital Marketing

we will be exploring your business and help you communicate your brand to those who need you through channels like but not limited to emails, social media, etc.

UI/UX Design

First impression might not be the last impression but how user navgates on your website plays a main role in your growth. let us help you with that.

Web Development

We take pride saying that we are very proficient in different areas of web development rangin from e-commerce,learning management systems to no-code solutions like wordpress and wix.

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