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developers searching for create-react-app alternatives
Avoid create-react-app to create react projects
create-react-app is the default that provides a template for react project but when we dig deeper, its not very efficient and any other module bundler can do a better job.
girl reading 10 reasons to learn programming in 2023
10 reasons to learn programming in 2023
It has become a necessity to be upskilled to keep up with the rapidly growing technology. one way is to learn programming in 2023.
developer thinking about full-time vs freelancing job
Should I work as a full-time or freelance developer
Choosing between working as a full-time and freelance developer is a situation almost every developer goes through. With experience, we will see the differences.
girl looking for web development resources
Top 10 free web development resources 2023
Web development is getting mainstream as world is shifting to digital infrastructure. In the article we have discussed some top free web development resources in 2023
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